ActiVIZm™ Polarized Lenses are designed from the inside out to give you exceptional optics and vision. Each lens begins with our advanced ultra-thin Polarization Filter suspended in the core of the lens. High Performance Tinting of both the filter and the polymer lets us really customize the visual spectrum, while a Multi-Phase UV filter blocks out 100% of harmful UV-A, -B and -C rays. After that, a durable hard coating is applied to strengthen the outer surfaces of the lens and help prevent scratching. Finally, each lens is processed in a vacuum chamber, with an Anti-Reflective Coating applied to the inside face and our exclusive Oleophobic Seal on both sides to finish it all off. ActiVIZm™ Polarized Lens Technology brings you unparalleled optics that greatly enhance your view of the world.


You can always choose one of our lens tints just because you like the color. Setting the right visual ‘mood’ can have a big emotional impact on your wearing experience. However, each of our ActiVIZm™ Polarized Lens tints is custom engineered to boost some colors of light and cut others. This allows us to really optimize the visual spec- trum for various activities & envionments. So we encourage you to think about what you’ll be doing in your Activist sunglasses, and where you’ll be doing it. Then refer to the table below to help guide your selection, and let us take your visual experience to a much higher level.